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Meet Moises Levy, A street fine art photographer

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

- By Anshul Raj Khurana

There are very few street photographers who can balance the layering and geometry in such an excellent way. Moises is one of those who can beautifully frame the geometry with life.When not shooting, Moises is an architect by profession, and a camera collector by passion.

Ill let Moises talk more about him now...

Hello I’m Moises Levy I live and work in Mexico as an Architect and photographer, all my life I’ve been surrounded by images I live through my eyes, I think visually, I always think in terms of space and form, I love perspective and how perspective can change everything visually and in a philosophical way.

Anshul- What is photography for you?

Moises- It's my lifelong passion, photography is how I express myself, my camera, it's like my pencil, and the street is my canvas.

Anshul- You have been practicing photography for a long time. Tell us your story and how photography happened to you?

Moises- I'm 55 now, I've been shooting since I was 15 years, so I've shot for 40 years, I spent maybe 30 years exploring my style and 10 years doing what I like, I've seen lots of talented artist in all disciplines and I've learned from all them.

As an architect space and form are one, when I knew I wanted to become an architect I also knew Photography was my passion.

Anshul- You do street, architecture, fine art, long exposure, and a lot more. What do you enjoy the most and why?

Moises- I have been landscape photographer for many many years, but suddenly I felt the need to photograph human life, that’s how I become a full-time street photographer for now, If a shoot landscape or architecture now, I need to include a human being, that changes everything! I'm enjoying more of shooting street photography because it's about life and it is more creative.

Anshul- You take inspiration from, books, Photographers, etc.?

Moises- I've seen a lot. I'm always looking for new images in exhibitions, museums, books, magazines, and the web when I like somebody work I research everything about him.

Anshul- What do you think about the creative block? Have you ever faced it? If yes, how have you dealt with it?

Moises- Yes :( I think everybody has difficult times with creativity, sometimes because of stress, repetition, boredom....., When that happens, I try to go to new places, try to explore new techniques, a different point of views, and search for new talents for inspiration.

Anshul- Tell us about your camera gear? You shoot film or digital?

Moises- I love cameras, I have a vast collection of old and new cameras, Rolleis, Mamiyas, Hasselblads, Leicas, etc.

For my landscape work, I use a Hasselblad or Alpa Cameras with digital and film backs primarily.

For my street work, I use a Fuji XT20 and a Leica M10.

Anshul- Your Long exposure shots are breathtaking. Tell us about some technical aspects of how to get a good one, what kind of gear is needed and what time of day is suitable to get a good shot?

Moises- Long exposure could be fascinating because you can create surreal images, the problem is that there are a lot of limitations. You need to go to particular places that have water, beautiful skies, and interesting subjects and to find everything together is not an easy task. Also, you need a lot of equipment and patience...... you need a big and heavy tripod, neutral density filters, filter holder, cable release, masking tape, and a camera :).

Usually, the best time to shoot long exposure is near sunset or sunrise, you can have 1 or 2 shots per session if you are lucky.......

Anshul- I’ll dig a little more into your street photography style. There is a specific way you capture the moments, you freeze them. Tell us more about it.

Moises- I want to freeze special moments, sometimes is a movement or a gesture, something funny, or a hidden message …….something that talks about life in a beautiful way, I spent a lot of time searching and waiting for special moments. Usually, it becomes from the less expected place and time.

Anshul- How do you post process your shots? What software do you use?

Moises- I use Lightroom, I adjust contrast, highlights, shadows, and grain, and sometimes crop the image.

Anshul- What would be your advice to the new photographers? How should they take their game to the next level?

Moises- Go to exhibitions, museums, see a lot of photos, paintings, sculptures, etc, try to define what you like and start making your own language, don't waste your time doing something you don't love too much, you will never make it great, the most important thing is to know what you like the most.

You can see more of Moises's work here.





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