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Tuscany & COVID-19

By Alfredo Falvo

It is a different time for everybody around the world. Something unusual happened in our life, and suddenly we all understand how fragile we are. The COVID 19 emergency has temporarily changed our lives, and this can be seen as soon as you put a foot in a town or city if you are allowed to go out. I work for Contrasto, and I, as many other photographers from my agency, have decided to cover the impact the emergency has on our lives. I document what happens in Tuscany as it is the region I live in. Being a photographer, I have the permit to get out and take pictures. It’s quite striking. I have been taking pictures in some of the most touristic spots of Tuscany as Firenze, Siena, and other cities. There’s no one around. They all look like abandoned cities. It is unfortunate to know why they do look like this, but at the same time, their real beauty comes out. I had never appreciated Firenze as much as I did this time. You walk around, and the city is like an open-air museum where I am the only visitor. You feel a kind of privileged. But of course, the reason for it is always on the back of your mind. It is a bizarre feeling, so beautiful from one side and so sad on the other. It is an event that can be perfectly described by photography. When I go out to take pictures, I know I am going to photograph something that will not happen again in my life, hopefully. Something that will be remembered in history. I feel I am documenting history on a considerable scale. My project is still ongoing, and I am trying to photograph everything I can that can be connected with the emergency. Emptiness in cities, isolation, people are working with protective masks, police stopping people to check why they are out of their homes, hospitals. I think it is essential that seeing a series of pictures you can understand the situation, and this is why I look at it from different corners.

Anyway, it is a terrible time for everybody, and I really hope that it will be over soon. What I hate most of it is the loss of freedom as everyone is forced to stay at home. But I reckon people are behaving incredibly well and I trust we will overcome this issue at the soonest. I hope that this will be a lesson for us, as humankind, and for all the generations to come, as I reckon this pandemic has happened because we don’t respect nature and the world we live in.

Below are some of the pictures

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