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Meet Yoon Jeong, A Visual Story Teller

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

- By Anshul Raj Khurana

I see Yoon be a very strong visual storyteller. His pictures will pull you towards them with a very strong context. Frames he chooses are simple yet dynamic & fluid. His way of deriving a story from an empty space is mind-blowing (refer to his project Py-Lons). I am sure you all will enjoy his inputs and his work.

Let's hear more from him..

Anshul- Tell us about your journey in photography? How did your interest in Street Photography happen?

Yoon- I’m not good at painting, in fact, suck at it. I think it's related to the interest in photography. Photography just needs a camera without special skill. I started with a film camera about four years ago, but I couldn't adapt to the discomfort. I then started using a digital camera and went deeper into the world of photography.

When I started Street photography, it seemed to be something different. It seems to feel two emotions, maybe I can do it and I liked the feeling of it being raw and expressing the same street differently.

Anshul- Your earlier pictures were all black & white, with recent ones being colored. What has been your favorite?

Yoon- I use to take color photographs at first and then changed to black and white because it felt like something out of the reality. Surprisingly I drifted towards color again. Shooting in color is like I see movies (I get a lot of inspiration, La La Land has been my favorite)  and I remember them in color.  So now I feel more with color photographs.

Anshul- What has been your fears in street photography and how have you managed to overcome them?

Yoon- Normally I am bad at speaking with strangers, I don't feel like I should interfere in their daily course. Whenever I am shooting in public, I am always hesitant about this. But few times I have tried speaking with strangers, and surprisingly, I have got over this fear a bit as I realized that not everyone is uncomfortable with me taking their pictures. Still, I always get nervous before shooting. But sometimes I enjoy this feeling, it pushes me towards taking more risk.

Anshul- You are currently based out of Kuwait. How easy or tough it is to photograph there?

Yoon- Apart from one or two experiences, it hasn't been so difficult to shoot. I have never seen a big problem with security. I think it would be okay to avoid government offices and some big buildings. There is a fear of terrorism, and there is always a security deputed at large department stores or buildings. But most people respond kindly.

Anshul- What goes in your mind when you make a picture?

Yoon- The good thing about shooting is that complex minds disappear. I focus on the act of shooting only, as the mind leads, I design my frame. Sometimes when I think I do not feel like shooting, I focus on beer and get back to the streets.

Anshul- Tell us about your camera gear, favorite lens etc?

Yoon- I usually use two cameras, Ricoh GR & Xpro-2 35mm (equivalent full frame) Before using a mirrorless, I had Nikon D810. It is hard to bear the size to carry around all day. When shooting all day, I use Ricoh first and when battery runs out, I use XPRO-2. Its funny but I start with a small camera and try to warm up. this has become a habit now. As a suggestion, I would always recommend a camera which is easy to use & has a reasonable size.

Anshul- Which photographer or artist has influenced you the most and anyone in specific you follow from current generation?

Yoon- I like most of Magnum photographers, to mention some Trent Parke, David Alan Harvey, Christopher Anderson, Alex Webb,Gueorgui Pinkhassov, and  Todd Hido. Beyond Magnum, Maciej Dakowicz is my personal favorite when I look at his pictures, I always relate his style to mine. I love and inspire with Pinkhassov & Alex Webb way of capturing too.  I am still exploring what style is like, maybe soon ill be taking part in the Maciej Dakowicz workshop again and get a review. "This is somehow Mr. Yoon style" I want to hear about this soon :).

Anshul- What advice do you want to give me if I am a beginner and still trying to get hold of street photography?

Yoon- Well, I always say this to myself. Do not hesitate, when out shooting, think that you are the best photographer in the world and your view of approaching the street or frame will change.  This process of shooting is so fun and good.

You can see more of Yoon's work here.

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